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Bread Slicing Knife - Titanium Coating Black - HC German 1.4116 Steel Carving Kitchen Knife with Hollow Stainless Steel Handle - AURORA Series - 8''

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Bread Slicer

Bread Slicing Knife

The bread slicer has evolved as a versatile kitchen tool and it is well suited for a range of applications from slicing bread to making elegant desserts. It helps cut the length of time taken in cooking a dish considerably. Today's bread slicer can even provide a convenient alternative to the conventional knife.

Bread slicing is common among many households and restaurants, because it is a great way to save time. The bread slicer is perfect for quickly slicing bread that is wide enough to accommodate a large knife. The slicer is generally rectangular or round in shape and a knife that is relatively small is placed in the handle.

Typically, there are three common bread items that are commonly sliced into the slices. These are the loaf, croissants and baguette. As with the knives, these are also rectangular in shape and the best slicers have a blade that is sharp enough to slice these breads into slices of varying sizes.

Baguette, croissant and loaf. All three of these are popular bread choices and each has their own special methods of slicing. The baguette is placed inside the slicer with the long side facing out. Then, the baguette is placed in the vertical position and the vertical motor has the blade at a slight angle which cuts the baguette into slices of equal size.

Croissant is actually sliced from a long rectangular shaped loaf. The individual ingredients are placed on the horizontal position in the slicer. Then, a vertical blade is used with the bottom blade at a slight angle. This cuts the croissant into a smooth and even line of one hundred percent uniform size.

Loaf is made in two ways. The first method is a more traditional way of slicing bread and the second method involves using anelectric slicer. In this method, the bread is placed in the loaf slot and the round, the base part of the blade is slid down the length of the loaf. The desired width is then measured and the blade is turned to the desired width.

Then, the slicer is switched to the electric bread slicer. The electric slicer is placed in the bread slot and the top of the blade is moved up and down. As the bread is positioned, the blade slices the bread into the required uniform size.

A second method that uses an electric bread slicer is similar to the method used in the first method, except that the blade is not slotted in the bread slot but moves through the width of the loaf. This creates a uniform-sized cut.

As one can see, the slices of bread made using the bread slicer can be sliced into a variety of sizes and shapes. When buying the bread slicer, it is recommended that you use one that has at least four blades. Four blades are needed for all bread sizes so that the slices of bread that are produced are evenly sized.

You can purchase an electric bread slicer that can handle different bread types but the problem with such a device is that it will require a longer period of time to slice the bread in half. Hence, one may have to purchase a slicer that has an adjustable timer.

Slicing bread that is meant to be served warm or cold takes less time than slicing bread that is meant to be eaten out of the oven. Some of the oven bread recipes call for slices that can be sliced while they are still hot.

When the slices are still warm, the blades on the bread slicer are used to create a crosscut type of slice. The crosscut slices of bread are also preferred to the conventional slices because they are easier to eat and they also taste better.