Easy Slicer - Gyros Knife

One of the easiest ways to cut with a blade is to use a gyro knife. It is a two-sided knife with a tip and a blade that turn while cutting.


You can try this simple test for gyros to see if you like them or not. Hold one of the sides and make a cutting motion with your hand.


Do not move the other side of the knife. If it has a lip around the edge of the blade, that means it's easier to hold in your hand than to do so when you turn the blade on the tip side. If the knife has a lip but does not tilt while cutting, it is easier to turn the blade on the tip side than to turn it on the other side.


That's all there is to doing a simple test. If you find a knife with a lip that will stay still even while turning the blade, that's a gyros knife. If you don't find one, that's a knife with a less appealing shape.


The easiest and most versatile way to use a gyro's knife is when you're making bread or cookies. I had never heard of it until I went to a cake decorating class and learned about the many shapes you can use.


The best example is the square-cut cookie cutter. When you set it on the cookie sheet, it doesn't roll or run up and down the sheet like other round cookie cutters do. This prevents a lot of runny dough from sticking to the cookie sheet. It also prevents the spreading of the dough out.


When you take the knife off, the dough pops right out of the blade. You can slice through the middle of the cookie to get to the outside. The square-cut cookie cutter allows you to get in between each section.


When slicing the top, it's best to get the blade under the whole slice so that the middle of the slices are touching each other. When you slice the sides, the blade's width should be wider than the width of the slice. The edge that is sharp and closest to the cutter is called the cutting edge.


For a slice like this, make sure the blade is flat against the piece of bread, that it's easy to slice. With the flat edge of the blade directly above the slice, you can quickly flip the slice over and have the inside slice facing you.


Then slide the knife straight down, parallel to the slice's surface. With the blade facing you, slice across the width of the slice, then the length of the slice, finishing up with the edge. After you've sliced a number of slices, you can flip the slices and finish the middle with the other side.


There are lots of varieties of baking utensils, but many are too large or too narrow to make a wide variety of cuts. A gyro's knife is one of the best for getting into places like those.


It's fun to slice cookies with it and find new kinds of shapes you can make. You can also use it for other types of foods, too. In fact, the knife and the dough cutter can work well together if you want to make something to eat while your dough is rising.