Emeril Lagasse Knives Offer Delightful Designs

Emeril Lagasse is a man of many talents. The master chef for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and one of the top chefs in the world are only one of them. Now, Emeril has taken the next step and is offering specialty knives with his line of kitchen knives.


Emeril Lagasse, a renowned designer and decorator for fashion, always has his eye on what matters most. His techniques and approaches are clearly evident in his products. Being a cook myself, I am a fan of his knives. Whether you are a chef or a culinary enthusiast, you will love his unique knives.


In addition to creating beautiful kitchen knives, Emeril has also created wood carving knives. These are crafted with a beautifully carved handle of genuine Cherry, exotic Maple, or black Walnut. His wood carving knives are a great conversation piece.


There is also a kitchen knife set with a lovely cherry wood handle. This set also includes a stainless steel chef's knife with a stonewashed blade. The handle is of Italian-style spalted wood and it has a glass topped surface. The knife set also includes a vegetable knife.


This set includes several traditional styles of cutlery. From traditional fishing knives to antique French style knives, Emeril has created many exciting sets of knives. Since I live in France, I enjoy these lovely cuts. A most thoughtful gift.


My son worked for Emeril at one time. I asked him what was his favorite thing about his job. He said he loved being able to create some of the most beautiful cutlery ever created. It was also truly gratifying to meet the person who created the amazing designs.


Larry Horton is Emeril's "chief design artist." He works with Emeril to come up with the new pieces of art and designs. Larry also did the original designs for Emeril's signature cutlery line. Larry is a huge Emeril fan and many of the pieces are very similar to his original designs.


You will not believe the quality of the knife set. I have yet to see anything like it. This set is sure to become a collector's item.


For those who love the little things, there is the kitchen knives for children. The fine quality and attention to detail of these children's knives are absolutely fantastic. Your child will be thrilled.


Of course, there is always the award winning cutlery for ladies. The most notable of the line is the folding pocket knife. Just like the classic Chef's knife, this elegant blade features a leather sheath that opens and closes easily.


The first thing I noticed when I saw the elegant kitchen knives for ladies is that they were lightweight. That made them easier to carry. Many women have difficulty carrying a heavy knife, but not these. They are certainly very sleek and slender, with an attractive design.


All of Emeril Lagasse's work is original. If you want fine knives that look and feel like the best brand names, this is the one to get.