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KOLLOMBO Bread Knife, Damascus Stainless Steel 9 in. Serrated Blade and Tropical Strong Rosewood Handle, Sharpest Blade & Cutter at all times.

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Product Description

The KOLLOMBO - The Legend of Damascus

The KOLLOMBO or the Middle Kingdom Knife is a Type III Late Period dagger that is produced in Damascus in what is now Syria. The blade is approximately 36 inches long. The name KOLLOMBO comes from the name of King L'Abdallah, who was murdered during the Battle of Akaba in 769 BC.


The Legend of the Middle Kingdom tells that this particular type of dagger was made by a resident of a certain village. The legend goes that he and his son were attacked by local thugs, so they decided to defend themselves.

Instead of using what they had in their possession, they took two stones to cut down the attacker and use them as weapons against him. They cut down one of the thugs, but were unable to kill the other. With that, the locals grabbed them both and tied them together with a rope.

Once tied, the father and son were killed by a group of villagers who had been following them, so the people who tied them up in the first place gave them their names: The KOLLOMBO BREAD KNIFE and The KOLLOMBO WOUND, respectively. In order to escape the torture, they were taken to the King of Damascus who treated them well.

He gave them clothes that they could use to dress themselves up as his daughters, and they each had a crown made. After that, they were given a new name: L'Abdallah and his daughter Fatima.

The king wanted to make an identical set of crowns for his daughters, but he knew that L'Abdallah would be more difficult to make. So, he created another set of crowns for his son's set and named them The KOLLOMBO WOUND II.

The family went to Damascus and became residents of the palace, which was where they met the other famous kings, such as the legendary King David. This event is what formed the legend around the KOLLOMBO, making it one of the most famous fictional kings in history.

Throughout the centuries, the Damascus knife has become synonymous with the legendary heroes of the Bible. The makers and innovators of the Damascus knife have contributed greatly to its popularity by developing the KOLLOMBO into what is currently considered to be the finest utility knife on the market today.

One thing to note is that the Damascus knife is not just one thing; it is actually a series of different designs that have been crafted into different types of knives, which vary according to their purposes. The most common designs are: Utility knife, dagger, pocket knife, chef's knife, kitchen knives, and serrated knife.

The Damascus knife is highly versatile because it can be used for a number of tasks. It can be used for cutting vegetables, cutting fish, cutting meats, skinning animals, and chopping vegetables, among many other tasks. The Damascus knife's popularity with cooks has been acknowledged throughout the ages and is still enjoyed today.

In addition to the design of the knife, the manufacturers of the Damascus knife also make the knife with Damascus steel that is known as the KOLLOMBO STAINLESS STEEL. This is another reason why the Damascus knife has become so popular; it is not just a knife, but a tool that can serve a variety of functions.

For more information on Damascus knives, as well as other types of Damascus knife and other Damascus products, visit my website below. I hope you enjoy my articles!

Product Features

ADVANTAGES: Kollombo Serrated Bread Knife has multifunctional use. Along with cutting bread, the serrated knife can be used for cutting different vegetables, cakes and pizzas. The 73 layers of Damascus stainless steel serrated bread knife withstand longevity of sharpness and image of extra strong blade. Kollombo Knife in such style and quality cuts fresh and crusty bread with minimal effort and waste of crust. You do not need to move knife back and forth 2-3 times to cut crusty or soft bread. The serrated knife’s sharpest teeth grab the bread or plain vegetable immediately saving your valuable time 9” blade knife can be used to easily cut long baguettes by length, as well as large pizzas, cakes, pastries and breads. 9” length blade has 10% more longevity of sharpness than 8” blade knifes. The strong Damascus core of blade keeps sharpness for a long time, and the 73 stainless steel layers that cover the core of the blade keep exclusive Damascus core metal from precocious rusting much longer than usual blades The handle made by natural tropical Rosewood keeps an extra strong grip to the knife, even in extremal situation/fire, water, falling/. The natural dark red color of the wood always gives a clean feeling to the knife. Unlike artificial materials, the health benefits of natural wood are a well-known fact. BENEFITS: So, eventually you can have a trusted friend for entire life. Your friend is strong. It does not break or become soft in different situations. Kollombo knife is loyal and can help you in different tasks, while at the same time not lose its glance and appearance for a long time. The 9 in. Kollomo knife will help you to save extra expenses, time and energy that can be spent on other activities. Kollombo knifes are always ready to serve you with dignity and keep its brand name proud.