KOPALA Boning Knife with Sheath handmade Multipurpose Cleaver Kitchen Knives for BBQ, Camping, Grill High Carbon Stainless Steel 5.3-inch

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Product Description

The KOPALA Boning Knife, The KOPALA Multi-Purpose Cleaver, and Its Many Uses

KOPALA Boning Knife

The KOPALA Boning Knife is a three-in-one multi-purpose cleaver/sheath that has been designed to work in as many environments as possible. These three environments are practical, for example:

* For the student, this is the perfect tool for a low-impact environment. A large durable steel frame that runs the length of the knife allows for less impact on the face and sides of the blade. The blade itself is also ergonomically designed to offer more balance and reach as well as protection for the upper body.

* A multi-purpose cleaver is also great for the pre-professional, the professional or even the amateur at home. In fact, there is such a wide variety of different styles that you can have a knife for all of the reasons that you need it.

There are many different types of multi-purpose cleavers available. All of these knives work well as a knife for casual or comfortable use in any setting that requires the ability to slice, dice, dice and knife food quickly and efficiently. The Boning Knife in particular has a much larger opening surface area and is therefore ideal for getting those slices of cucumber, onion and other vegetables that you need to slice for dinner.

* Another thing that this knife comes with is a non-slip blade. This feature is truly innovative as it helps increase the safety and reliability of the knife, especially when used for cutting soft-to-hard materials that may not be so forgiving otherwise.

* Lastly, a multi-purpose cleaner also works well for the chef. You can cut tomatoes, onions, garlic, potatoes, and even berries all in one of these heavy duty knives. In fact, they're so versatile that you can do everything that you could do with a regular cleaver but more efficiently and effectively.

Anybody that works with meat on a regular basis would be well served by a multi-purpose cleaver. They allow you to handle whatever meats you need to cut, slice and chop very efficiently and effectively. In fact, this multi-purpose cleaver works well with poultry, too.

It is a very versatile material, which is why it is so popular with chefs. It cuts the size of the cut, gets into the skin better than just about any other tool, and is generally more resilient. Plus, it's also very strong.

There are many different uses for this kitchen preparation tool, but perhaps the most obvious is that it is meant to be an extremely effective tool for slicing and chopping vegetables. It has a more substantial and thicker edge to help with chopping vegetables and it has a more robust blade for chopping vegetables that are heavier in size, like carrots.

However, the biggest advantage of this cleaver is that it's very versatile. Because of the size and weight of the knife, it can be used to slice, dice and slice different foods, which means you can use this multi-purpose cleaver for a lot of different things throughout the course of your life.

And, because the sharpness of the blade is significantly higher than your average kitchen knife, you can cut through things like a small animal that's a lot thinner than a carrot. The majority of people are actually able to chop and slice their way through meats and vegetables that they couldn't before thanks to this tool.

You can see why the KOPALAMulti-Purpose Cleaver is so useful. With its many functions, you'll never have to say "what else" again.